Yellowtail Cribo

Yellowtail Cribos are the longest of the Drymarchon genus and have been recorded at lengths of over ten feet.  They have a more slender build, and on average, tend to be the most aggressive of all drymarchon.  They have an extremely large range throughout most of South America and their appearance can be highly variable.  Wild caught imports are commonly available in the United States and are generally cheaper that captive bred specimens.  However, many imported yellowtails come in heavily parasitized and dehydrated, and people often have difficulty acclimatizing them to captivity.


We are working with two different lines of yellowtails.  Some of my animals come from Don Bordner who has been working with top-notch yellowtails for decades.  These animals originate from Suriname.  We also have a nice group of animals from Guyana. These animals  tend to have dark bodies, while retaining the white banding into adulthood.  Nicely contrasted animals!