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Updated Terms of Service.  Please Read!!


*** As of June 4, 2023, the only snakes we have available are black and yellow striped Phrynonax poecilonotus.  All Drymarchon are sold out.  The waiting list is currently OPEN for the following snakes: red and black phase Mexican indigos, Texas indigos, and normal blacktail cribos.   If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please make sure you agree to all of the terms of service below before proceeding.  Waiting lists for eastern indigos, yellowtail cribos, red phase blacktail cribos. and axanthic blacktail cribos remain CLOSED.

Every year, we have motivated buyers miss out on the opportunity to receive animals from us despite waiting long periods of time. In an effort to ensure buyers have a fair chance at receiving animals from us, we are implementing a Priority Waiting List.  


Please read the Terms of Service below carefully.


  • There is a $100 reservation fee per snake to be included on the PWL.  In other words, if you want a pair of snakes, the fee would be $200.

  • The fee is nonrefundable.

  • The $100 will go towards the snake being purchased.

  • Placement on the PWL will be prioritized by when the $100 payment is received.

  • People on the PWL will be offered snakes according to their placement on the list.  We will start offering snakes to people on our waiting list in September of each year.

  • Snakes will be offered as they become available.  Being on the PWL does not guarantee you a snake within a certain time period.  Availability and placement on the list will dictate when snakes will be offered.

  • We reserve the right to remove people from the list as we see fit. 

  • Choosing not to buy the snakes once they are offered to you may constitute removal from the PWL without a refund of the reservation fee.  The reservation fee buys you the opportunity to buy the snakes you are looking for at whatever point they become available.  It does not afford you the opportunity to stay on the list indefinitely.

  • If you would like to be added to the PWL, please make sure you have read and agree to all of the above terms.  Please email me to get the payment instructions for the reservation fee. 

Hatchlings will be offered once they are feeding and fully established on unscented rodents.  This process can take a few months.   Your snakes will be shipped Fedex Priority Overnight once the full balance has been received.

Available Drymarchon

We have waiting lists going for all of our babies.  Many of the lists are over one year in length.  At this time, we are only offering snakes to people on our waiting list. 

Prices listed below are for the 2023 season.  Prices may change for the 2024 season.

Yellowtail Cribos- $1,000 each 

Waiting list is temporarily closed.


Normal Blacktail Cribos- $1,000 each

Waiting list is OPEN.  2023 availability is likely, but not guaranteed.

Blacktail Cribos from Red lineage- $1,500 - $2,500 depending on coloration.

Waiting list temporarily closed.

Axanthic Blacktail Cribos- $1,800 each

Waiting list temporarily closed.


Unicolor Cribos- $800 each

Waiting List is OPEN.  2023 availability is unlikely.


Texas Indigos- $1,000 each

Waiting list is OPEN.  2023 availability is likely but not guaranteed.


Black Phase Mexican Redtail Indigos- $1,000 each. 

Waiting list is OPEN.  2023 availability is likely but not guaranteed.


Red Phase "Guerrero" Mexican Redtail Indigos- $1,250 - $1,750 each depending on color. 

Waiting list is OPEN.  2023 availability is likely but not guaranteed.

Eastern Indigos- $1,800 each (see notes below)

Waiting list temporarily closed.  I don't anticipate opening the list again for 2-3 years.

Miscellaneous Snakes

- 6/1/23- Black and yellow striped Phrynonax poecilonotus available for $750 each.

A Few Important Notes


*Regarding our eastern indigos... Sales outside California will require a Federal Interstate Commerce Permit.  It costs $100 and involved a 2-3 month wait.  I will help you with the process.  My contact list for easterns is very long.  You may want to consider Mexican Redtail Indigos or Texas Indigos as an alternative.  Neither require permits... Some states require additional permits to legally possess Eastern Indigos.  We will not ship Eastern Indigos to these states without the required permits.  We work with over two dozen different adult snakes produced by a host of different breeders.  We will provide as much information as we can on the sire and the dam of your snake.  If you wish to purchase multiple eastern indigos, we should be able to provide you with snakes from different lineages.  All of our breeder eastern indigos have been DNA tested and have been paired to optimize genetic diversity.


*If you’d like to contribute to the testimonials page of this website, please email a short paragraph about the quality of Black Pearl’s service and animals to


*We may be interested in trading for wholesale lots of Drymarchon or high-end tortoises.



Additional Details


-  Shipping additional unless the order is over $2,000


-  We generally don’t sell lone females unless I have favorable sex ratios


-  All babies guaranteed to be healthy, properly sexed, and to have  eaten at least three times unless otherwise stated.


-  Discounts may be available for large orders.  


-  We accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, cashier’s checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.


-  Deposits are non-refundable.


-  Tight on cash?  In some instances, I can work with you on a payment plan.

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