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About Black Pearl Reptiles

Since the early years of my youth, I have been fascinated with finding and keeping snakes.  Over the years, my hobby grew into what my wife calls an “obsession” only to result in the founding of Black Pearl Reptiles.  I tend to gravitate towards all black animals, and once I started working with the black and white marbling of the piebald mussuranas, Black Pearl Reptiles was given its name.   


After working with dozens of different species of snakes, I discovered indigos and cribos and quickly became a Drymarchon fanatic.  I found the size, power, agility, and intelligence of these snakes to be truly awe-inspiring, and now nearly all my collection consists of Drymarchon.  I also quickly discovered my good friend and biologist, Chris Rodriguez, shares the same passion for indigos and cribos as I do and has an amazing collection of Mexican Redtail Indigos.  Soon thereafter, Black Pearl Reptiles became a joint venture as we joined collections.  We are constantly collaborating and discovering new, more effective husbandry techniques for these remarkable animals!

Photo Credits

- Brad Alexander @ Full Spectrum Photography

- John Michels

- Chris Rodriguez

Terms Of Service

The continued health and well being of our animals is important to us and with that in mind, We’re always happy to talk to and work with people about the care and successful breeding of the species we work with.   Call or shoot us an email.  We love chatting about snakes!


We ship our snakes in insulated boxes and use hot/cold packs as the weather dictates.  We ship priority overnight with FedEx.  We accept payment via paypal, money orders, and certified checks.  We also accept all major credit cards. 


All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy, and properly sexed, although please notify us within 24 hours of receipt if there is a problem.     


We look forward to working with you.


           -John Michels and Chris Rodriguez

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