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Eastern Indigo

This snake needs little introduction.  Widely regarded as one of the most intelligent snakes in the world, the Eastern Indigo has been the object of fascination for snake keepers for decades.  They are generally docile, and make for hardy and rewarding captives if cared for properly.


Like many others, I grew up viewing indigos as the absolute apex of my reptile dreams, and in 2006, my dreams became a reality as I put together a group of Easterns from Steve Takata and from Robert Bruce’s lines.  We have since added snakes to our collection that were produced by the following breeders: Steve Fuller, Steve Binnig, Seth Smith, Mike Mead, Gale Foland, Jeff Jones, Virgil Willis, and Andy Watson.


Indigos generally come in two phases- red-throats and blacks.  In the fall of 2009, I bred a red-chin male to a black female and my first clutch of Eastern eggs soon followed.  In the summer of 2010, I was fortunate enough to successfully hatch out well-formed, gorgeous babies!  Both red-throat and black babies emerged from the eggs, as I was poised with my camera!


Due in large part to habitat fragmentation in their native environment in the southeast, the Eastern Indigo is a protected species.  As such, a Federal Permit is required to move these snakes across state lines.  I will not sell these snakes outside of California without the proper permits.  Obtaining a permit costs $100 and requires a 2-3 month wait.  I can help you with the process if you like.


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