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Mexican Redtail Indigo

Mexican Redtail Indigos, or Drymarchon melanurus rubidus, inhabit much of the west coast of Mexico.  They are very similar to Eastern Indigos in appearance, although there is variation throughout their vast range.  We work with multiple localities of rubidus. 


Of the three localities we work with, the Vera Cruz rubidus grow the largest at lengths that can surpass eight feet!  They are generally black with an off-white chin. 


The Sonoran rubidus are also black but generally have a whiter throat.  The white often extends much further down the belly than the Vera Cruz animals.  They typically do not get as large as the Vera Cruz snakes. 


The rubidus from Guerrero have a much more distinct look than the other two localities we work with.  Often referred to as "Guerrero Reds", they typically have varying amounts of red on their bellies.  Thy can often have a reddish brown color mottled onto their backs.   On average, the Guerreros are the smallest of the three localities we are working with.  Males seldomly exceed six feet in length, and adult females are typically five feet in length.  


Rubidus are every bit as impressive as the more well known Eastern Indigo, but are not federally protected.  They can be imported/exported and shipped across state lines without permits!  


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